About Us


The Matching Tree Story 

Our story began in 2019. We choose to support American and Canadian apparel companies with our choice in dress-wear for ourselves. We have always believed in having less clothing of better quality. We believe that every purchase is a vote and these votes matter.  With starting a young family we felt an obligation to clothe our newest family member (Baby Theo) with ethically sourced materials while supporting labour on our continent and people here making living wages. Today we are privileged to offer our own product for you and your family based on these same principles.
Our products come from our family tree to yours...
The Name
Matching Tree stems from our desire to produce complimentary products for you and yours while reminding ourselves of our responsibilities to our environment and sustainable production.


 Matching Tree Mission

To produce products with materials derived in America, manufacture on our continent and support a living wage in all levels of our company. We hope to bring you creative products inspired by a young family starting our adventure.


Our Product
Our products are manufactured proudly in the United States with American grown materials. Our designs are intended to mix and match with your family or enjoy individually. When you wear our gear you can trust that it was made with passion, and the people who make it receive a living wage.  None of our products are made overseas.